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Please read the following testimonials to hear more about what it is like to work with me and how essential oils can work for you. 

Kate King

Alex Willis has an uncommon depth of knowledge about essential oils. She not only knows the benefits of the individual oils but also the chemistry behind how they work. She uses this to match oils to the individual's needs, combining oils for benefits that are effective and enduring. Her knowledge means that she is aware of any possible adverse reactions, providing practical solutions that minimise these and maximise benefits. She has a creativity that allows for oils to become intrinsic to daily life and not remedies that sit in a cupboard.

Soraya Raffai

My 14 year old son who has stomach issues has been using doTERRA oils since February 2018. 
He was suffering with his stomach since August 2014. In and out of hospital together with lots of different types of treatments. He lost lots of weight and had no energy for school or any other activities. 
DoTERRA was recommended to me by a friend but I was sceptical. 
So after much persuasion we decided to go and see a doTERRA advocate (Alex).
All the oils and supplements that my son needed were explained in great depth and detail.
After about 1 week of him taking them religiously we noticed a difference. His stomach pain had eased, his appetite had come back and the best of all his energy levels had gone up. He was able to go to school every day without a problem and he could play football again. 

Kim Saha

Alex introduced me to dōTERRA oils and it changed how I live. From medicating to cooking and adjusting the mood in my home. She is passionate and knowledgeable and above all caring. I would highly recommend reaching out with any of your aromatherapy needs.

Anjana Peri

I was recommended to see Alex and was unsure what she could help with but I am astounded at her knowledge, use and application of oils. I love the fact she uses dōTERRA which are a much better and refined oil than most others on the market.
Alex was able to give me oils to support me both physically and mentally during a tough period of my life and I loved them so much that I have continued and recommended her work to many friends and family.

Simrin Singh

I have regular comprehensive sessions with Alex about therapy, essential oils, aromatherapy and just overall well being! I can’t recommend her highly enough for not just her knowledge in this field, but also her love for it.
I always come away from Alex’s sessions feeling calm, revitalised and rebalanced and I know these regular sessions help maintain my overall wellbeing, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 
Alex is a natural healer and a knowledgable therapist, always welcoming her clients with a warm smile. Alex successfully manages to maintain high professional standards, whilst being so caring and nurturing for the soul.

Tracy Starreveld

I have no hesitation in recommending Alex Willis at Ready Steady do for her in-depth knowledge and expertise around using essential oils in your day-to-day life ... but also for being straight-up lovely person to do business with! She has a wonderful positive energy and enthusiasm, which is very infectious, and she really knows her stuff. 

Gail Fogarty

Alex Willis is a genius with oils and dōTERRA products are just superb. I love the fact that the company supports farmers and growers all over the world, investing in production in communities where their business makes a real difference to people's lives. Alex's knowledge runs so deep it is almost instinct to her to know when and where to use essential oils to the benefit of all. I've been astounded at some of the problems DoTERRA has been able to fix for me. Highly recommended.

Angela WInter

I'd really like to share how dōTERRA has made a huge difference in my life. I have always, since childhood, had dreadful sinus trouble which would very often then develop into throat and chest infection. I would get this at least once a year, quite often twice, and would last a few weeks. I felt properly miserable too, unable to sleep with a hacking cough and runny nose. Christmas 2016 was the last time I had to suffer any of that! Alex Willis to the rescue... She had just sorted my husband's insomnia so easily with Vetiver and Serenity so went immediately to Alex for guidance. Now, the minute I feel my nose start to tingle with the first sign of sinus trouble, I grab the Flu Bomb! Frank, Lemon, Oregano, On Guard and Melaluca in veggie cap! BOOM! It's gone, if it wasn't actually happening to me I would find it hard to believe just how effective these oils are.

Amanda Kerr

Alex is quite simply a dōTERRA genius! She is such a fountain of knowledge and is always a go-to when I have a health issue in my family. Over the past few years, she has helped my family with various issues from insomnia, chest infections, toothache to pesky verrucas! She is always on hand and so lovely and supportive. I cannot recommend her enough!

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